What is Cellular Cleanse Therapy


IONBath Platinum Edition Foot Spa

These amazing units are the most technologically advanced detoxification foot spas available in the world. The IONBath Platinum deliver the Schuman Resonance Spectrum. Using ionic fields to support the detoxification process has traditionally been held harmless and free of side effects. A doctor’s best prescription is prevention, and the best place to start is by eliminating toxins

Of course, eating right and exercise is extremely important to a healthy future. It’s also just as important to rid the toxins now before they build up. Most people do not take the time to exercise and work up a sweat, which is one of the ways to eliminate toxins on a daily basis. That's why many people use "hot rock" and far infrared saunas to aid in detoxification.

Toxins exist everywhere and can lead to serious health problems. They are found in the foods we consume, the air we breath and water we drink. Our work environment may add to toxic build up from as little as toxins floating in the air system to as extreme as actually working with petroleum products and chemicals. Drinking alcohol not only adds calories but also contributes a big source of toxins in the liver and other parts of the body. With toxins hitting us each day, we have to fight back and eliminate them with a combination of diet, exercise, not smoking and releasing toxins on a regular basis with the IONBath foot spa.

How Does The IONBath Foot Spa Work?

The IONBath is based on bioenergetics’ technology, creating an energy field similar to the energy produced by the human body. This field stimulates cellular energy and enhances the body’s ability to internally cleanse itself naturally, at an increased rate, restoring and normalizing the body’s correct pH balance and energy levels. Ions generated by the IONBath foot spa travel through the body attaching themselves to a multitude of toxic substances, thereby neutralizing their positive or negative charge. The array, which is placed into a tub of water between the feet, delivers a low-level direct current. This causes the metals within the array in combination with water and salt to generate positive and negative charged ions.

What Are Ions?

An ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an electron, which creates a magnetic field capable of attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. These neutralized particles are extracted from the body through the process called osmosis. Osmosis is a scientific term that is used to describe the movement of particles through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. In this case, the higher concentration refers to the ion field that is set up by placing the array into the water while running the IONBath.

It may be possible to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by a buildup of toxins in the body. Long-term benefits of the IONBath foot spa can be maximized with a series of sessions coupled with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and drinking plenty of water.

Ionization Theory

A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negative charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.

To maintain proper health, wellness and vitality as we age, it is essential to keep an alkaline environment throughout the body - which is virtually impossible to accomplish in our high-tech, high-stress, toxic society, unless we can walk on the beach every day.

The IONBath foot spa creates precisely the same environment as a walk along the beach, only more powerful because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water. All you have to do is place your feet in the water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid wastes.

The particles, fat, and mucous residues found in the water after bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body during the 20 to 30 minute session.

Many people claim they feel lighter after the first session. They also say they think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

What Is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is important because the amount of energy within a person at the cellular level and their residual balance of energy have a direct correlation with the body’s ability to problem solve, perform all types of work and to remove waste. In terms of bio-electricity, the cells of a healthy human organism have a negative potential of between 70 and 90 millivolts.

Within this range of potential, nutritional absorption and the discharge of toxic waste are efficient. Stressed or injured cells on the other hand, can measure as little as 10-20 millivolts, resulting in both poor nutritional absorption and discharge of toxic waste. Such a condition can occur suddenly, as a result of an accident, or develop more slowly as a result of the progressive build up of positive ions due to the effects of processed foods, stress and the impact of a toxic buildup. The IONBath foot spa uses direct micro-current, generating ions between 300-400 mv providing energy that is sub threshold, and very similar to low voltage electro-stimulation or cold laser, both of which have been proven to increase and create more cellular ATP (stored energy). This increase in cellular ATP allows the cells to work and purge at a higher rate and to withstand external stressors that can be either physical or chemical.

Who Can Benefit From IONBath Foot Spa?

Most people should immediately experience an increased sense of well being and more energy. Many children have reported greater mental clarity because of the foot spa; young couples planning families should do foot bath sessions prior to conception. Middle aged men and women have reported increased energy and greater mental clarity after completing a series of IONBath foot spa sessions.

What Are The Potential Benefits?

The human body is electric because our cells are electric. Disorders of the body have frequencies that are incompatible with healthy cells; thus, they disrupt the cells' natural oscillation and polarity. This disruption creates imbalance and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced state, they are unable to facilitate the body's functions needed for healing, including ridding itself of heavy metals, parasites and other toxins. Nevertheless, when cells are fully charged, they have more oxygen and are able to experience electrical balance, which results in a feeling of a healthy attitude, vitality, well-being, and enables the body to heal itself. This balance increases our sense of awareness and our sense of the mind/body/spirit connection.

Enhance The Immune System

Water has an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Since the body is composed of about 70% water, its ability to interact with water is very high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the frequency of the water will affect the frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electrical fields. Consequently, the IONBath foot spa is one of the best detox products. It is an exceptionally powerful natural healing tool. It is simple and easy to use and all with no harmful side effects.

Benefits May Also Include:

Pain Relief

• Liver Detoxification

• Purge Heavy Metals

• Improve Memory and Sleep

• Increase Energy and Reduce Stress

• Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse

• Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems

• Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge

Several ION Bath sessions along with dietary modifications and proper exercise have been shown to support the body's natural healing process.

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